Bishop's Message

Dear Friends,

For many, Christmas reminds us of good things, family reunions, celebrations and holidays.

For the Christian community it also reminds us that God became and is truly one with us in Jesus, whose message is about God's unconditional love for all, and who is the best guide that we can ever have to a fulfilled and fully human life, about true peace of heart.

We live in times of great change, and change can be challenging.  Many are concerned about the future and its uncertainties.  In times of change some come with quick and simplistic answers as a result of fear.

This can lead to excluding others, seen as threats in various ways.

Christmas is a reminder not to exclude but to reach out to those in need.  It is a reminder to avoid being trapped in consumerism and 'quick fixes' to complex realities.

We are reminded to be wise people who choose what is right, and not just what is easy.  We are reminded that no matter how tough life can get we are never alone.  No-one should ever be alone!

In giving we receive!  A reminder to be there for each other and never to give up the pursuit of  justice and love, even when there is no easy solution.  To never give up working together, being there for each other.  Only looking after 'our own' is not enough!

United we stand, divided we fall.

We also remember at this time, as always, the promise of Jesus, 'Heaven and earth may pass away but my promise to you will never pass away.  I am with you always'.

Happy Christmas and blessings to all.

Bishop Charles Gauci


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